London Icons

Wednesday afternoon wasn’t quite as successful as the morning trip to Kew Gardens, but it wasn’t a disaster either and it could be a bit of poor planning on my part. But that’s where good travel stories come from, right? After returning to London, I […]

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Kew Gardens

Oh dear, I haven’t done a very good job of writing about my trip, have I? The fact of the matter is, by the time I’d get back to the hotel I was pretty knackered (tired) and overwhelmed and dire need of a shower and […]

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Under the Lovely London Sky

Oh hey. Hi there.  I’m in London this week if you’d care to follow along, arriving on Tuesday and heading home again on Monday. There is a long list of what I’d like to see and do while I’m here, but I don’t expect to […]

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Black Friday 2018

                      Following (my own) tradition of avoiding malls and stores on Black Friday, I spent the day in Cape Charles, Virginia with my brothers. It was cold (for this part of Virginia) and blustery, but the beach had an austere, […]

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Fete du Muguet

  Happy May 1! Today is a national holiday in France and much like a Federal holiday in the US, government offices are closed as well as the museums, most stores and many cafes. It is France’s version of Labor Day, so there will likely be […]


Oh Happy Day

Erin Benzakein’s book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden has just been released and it is glorious in every way. Happy day indeed.     If you are a flower farmer, or an enthusiastic amateur that wants to squeeze as many flowers as possible into your garden […]

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Winter Gardening

It’s that awkward time of year when winter is still hanging about (although we’ve had a particularly wimpy winter this year) and spring isn’t quite ready to settle in. It’s too soon (and often still too uncomfortable) to be out in the garden, but that […]

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Eating My Words

I always said, firmly, that I was not going to ‘get into’ orchids because, even from a distance I could see the dangerous rabbit hole that would lead to an orchid addiction.     Well, I slipped. I held out for a long time but in […]

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Here I Am

Its been awhile, hasn’t it? I’m going to give this blogging thing another try, but no promises. Also, if you’re here for travel stories and photos, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Except for the occasional day or overnight trip (you’ve been warned Carol!), I won’t […]

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Life Right Now

Oh hey, it’s November already, in case you haven’t noticed.  Things have been pretty quiet on the blog for the past few weeks, but for good reason. To catch up, here’s a quick Around Here covering the past three months.     Recovering. I had total knee […]

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