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A lovely, wooly hug of a sweater with fat, luscious cables and generous sizing, Hawser is my first completed sweater of 2015. The oversize cables are offset by a double moss stitch background that give the sweater texture without bulk. Designed by Jared Flood, this was a joy to kit – interesting without being frustrating or getting boring. It’s surprisingly quick to knit too – it took me about 7 weeks to knit and could have been finished sooner.

I used the yarn suggested in the pattern (and yes, all right – the same color too – I have little imagination when it comes to picking colors!) – Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER which has quickly become my favorite yarn (along with it’s lighter weight cousin, LOFT). It’s light, soft, comes in gorgeous, complex, sophisticated colors and makes a garment that is warm with out becoming stifling hot. There are some issues with it – you will find bits of vegetative materials in it – tiny bits of twigs and grasses  – and it has a tendency to break if yanked. I’ve had only minor problems, and nothing serious enough to change my love for this yarn.

Brooklyn Tweed patterns are, in my opinion, fabulous. The sweaters are stylish and modern yet timeless with careful attention to details. The result is a professional looking, very wearable garment. Every time I finish a Brooklyn Tweed pattern I feel like I’ve become a better, more accomplished knitter. Hawser is from the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 14 collection, which is bursting with wonderful patterns. This is my 2nd sweater from the collection and the third will be on the needles soon.

Most of all, these patterns are great fun to knit – no wonder they go so fast!



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