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DSC_0095Confession time. We’ve being experiencing some bitterly cold weather this winter and while most have been complaining about it (with good reason!), I’ve actually, perversely, kind of enjoyed it. Crazy but true.

Now, I’m just as eager for spring as anyone – spring is my favorite time of year and I’m getting anxious to get out in the garden again.However, wishing isn’t going to change the weather (I know, I’ve tried) and around here we’re a good four weeks away from the hellebores blooming (the first perennial to bloom in my garden). Until then, I might as well enjoy one of the true delights of winter and that’s wearing sweaters.

Wearing warm, wool, handknit sweaters to be exact. I’ve had an extraordinary run of knitting luck the past few months, having completed three beautiful, wearable sweaters, all from Brooklyn Tweed designs. It’s exiting and heady and I need cold weather to continue wearing them! Fortunately, they’re classic colors and shapes and materials that will never really go out of style.

Warm weather will return soon now, and that’s ok. I’ll carefully fold up my wool handknits and tuck them away. The epic amount of knitting I’ve been doing will dwindle as the garden wakes and demands my time. The cycle of the seasons will come around again until next winter, when I pull out those sweaters and start checking the forecast for cold temps.

(Shown above and currently on the needles, Ondawa from Brooklyn Tweed Fall 14.)

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