Happy Spring!

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It’s still a bit chilly (it is still March after all), but the snow is gone and the birds are singing and there are definite signs of life again in the garden.

DSC_0024This might not look like much at the moment, but in about two weeks it will be a mass of bright yellow daffodils.

DSC_0053The first flower to bloom in my garden appeared today. This is iris reticulata “Harmony” in all his tiny, royal purple glory.

DSC_0067Speaking of tiny, the Tommies (Crocus tommasinianus) also began blooming today. Much smaller than the common Dutch crocus, these little species crocus are the only ones I can grow, thanks to the crocus-eating squirrels in my neighborhood. They are a delight for anyone.

DSC_0071And here are the hellebores, getting ready to unfurl. You can already spot the color of their blooms – creamy whites and dusky pinks. They should be on full display in 2-3 weeks.

DSC_0051Finally, while cutting down the ornamental grasses this morning, I came across this garden treasure – the egg sack of a praying mantis. One of the good guys (for gardeners), I carefully set it in a safe spot and hope for a successful hatching.

Here’s wishing all of you a lovely spring full of tiny flowers and unexpected garden gifts.


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