Project Life: Progress

memory keeping

DSC_0044After several false starts and much dithering, I think I’ve finally got my Project Life album underway. I say “think” because I haven’t been completely satisfied with my attempts so far – I’ve done more than one overhaul and the possibility of more “do-overs” is always lurking. However, at some point I just need to say ENOUGH.

DSC_0043I’m very new to this kind of scrapbooking and memory keeping. My style is bound to change and evolve as my skills and confidence grow. In fact, I see that already happening. I’m taking an online class on how to use Photoshop Elements in digital scrapbooking and I’ve learned SO MUCH! It’s exciting and frustrating and fun – I can almost feel my brain stretching.

DSC_0046You might ask why I’m doing this if I find it frustrating or difficult. Well, yes, it can be sometimes, but already I can see many advantages. I love learning new skills. I love stretching my creative side, an area that has felt stagnant and that I missed desperately. I love playing with pretty paper and little embellishments. I love pushing my photography skills to tell a story. I love how it’s made me more aware of life, how it’s gotten me out and about, how it’s made me a participant in life rather than a passive observer. Most of all, I love having these memories and stories recorded.

DSC_0045While the title page and January were a bit of a struggle, February is coming together much quicker and I am much happier with the results. It all comes down to just getting out there and trying something. You just might be surprised at what happens.

2 thoughts on “Project Life: Progress”

  1. pollyspapercrafts says:

    I think your pages look lovely, I love the colour palette! Please don’t “do-over” lol


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