Spring Cleanup

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There’s a saying among gardeners – you can either have a clean house, or a great garden. Guess which side I fall on?!


This may not the most glamourous spring picture, but it’s reality. It shows the results of a day spent in the garden, cleaning up the borders for the new growing season. It was a lot of work but also very satisfying, freeing early blooming daffodils from the accumulation of winter debris, checking on which perennials made it through (hello old friends), noting changes that need to be made.


It was a perfect spring day for this – a bit breezy but sunny and warm. The birds sang their spring songs and I used the quiet to spend time thinking about my upcoming trips, what to plant in the back corner of the perennial border, which creative project to tackle next. Lovely.


I’m glad to have this task mostly done (just a little bit left) since we’re supposed to have a fair amount of rain this week. It’s very dry here, so this is welcome news. Of course, the rain will make everything will pop and start some serious growing. And that means the lawn mowing season is just around the corner!

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