Oh Chicago, How Are You Even Real?


Picture perfect weather, art, spring in bloom, fabulous food and friendly Chicagoans all conspired for a fun and memorable travel experience. My ancient (well, ancient in iPad years) iPad was not cooperating (although I did post some photos on Instagram), so I’ll be adding stories of my adventures (and a couple mis-adventures!) in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Oh Chicago, How Are You Even Real?”

  1. Sheila says:

    Welcome home! Your photos are wonderful! I love the Shedd Aquarium pic and the
    beautiful pear trees in bloom; now I want to go visit! 🙂 Looking forward to hear more
    about your adventures!


  2. OverHillAndUnderTree says:

    Great post.. Just wondering what that building is in one of your pictures?.. Looks like a map on the side of it? x


    • flowergirlknits says:

      Thanks! That’s pretty cool isn’t it? I saw that on the Chicago Architectural boat tour; the building is at 300 South Wacker, but doesn’t have a name. It’s a fairly ordinary office building that they dressed up with this mural of the Chicago River just last year. The red stone marks the location of the building on the river.

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