May Rain

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  I’ve taken a brief break from my Chicago travelogue to work in the garden for a few days. After a very dry April we are getting some good rain showers this week and there were a few things I wanted to get done before they arrived. It was perfect weather for outdoor chores – pleasantly cool, surrounded by blooming trees and flowers, accompanied by birdsong (the wrens arrived this week with their joyful songs) and a delightful absence of bugs, I neglected everything in favor of the garden. 

The main project that I worked on was edging and mulching the perennial beds. This is one of those tasks that gardeners do that earn them the label of “crazy person” because non gardeners haven’t a clue why you’re going to all that work. I admit, there were moments when I wondered the same thing. However, now that it’s (mostly) done, I love the neat, crisp edges – I think it sets off both the lawn and the flower beds beautifully. Also, there’s the hope that this will help cut down on weeds, although, who are we kidding? The weeds always win!

A couple more posts on my trip to Chicago coming soon – stay tuned!

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