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You might – or might not! – have noticed that it’s been a little quiet here on the blog. I’ve struggled a bit with establishing a regular posting schedule, but will be working to improve that (especially now that the garden is taking less time) Here’s a bit of what’s going on Around Here.

watching  Madame Secretary. I got a late start so I’m catching up on the beginning of the season with reruns (So old-school of me! I don’t have Netflix although it’s probably only a matter of time….) I’m loving the sharp, witty dialogue and Tea Leoni’s classic/modern wardrobe.

feeling  a bit overwhelmed and overscheduled. I usually take a week or more off in May to work in the garden but for various reasons wasn’t able to this year. Between the weather and work I just finished planting a couple days ago; let’s not talk about the weeds. I’m going to make a real effort in July and August to cut back and catch up.

loving getting back to yoga. Problems with my knees (arthritis) curtailed my practice and I stopped going to class over the winter. Starting up again has been hard and there have been a few stumbles, but I made it to two classes last week. And no matter how stiff and awkward I am during class, I always feel so much better afterwards.

reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik, a fantasy about a young witch discovering her own power and worth. Well-written with lots of action set in a rich, complex world, it’s been the kind of book that’s hard to put down.

planning my next trip – Paris! Airline tickets have been purchased, the hotel has been booked and a half-day tour of the D-Day Beaches in Normandy has been reserved. Soon I’ll be reserving a time to climb the Eiffel Tower and looking into purchasing a Museum Pass. Can’t wait!

admiring the lilies and delphiniums. The lilies take over the garden in June with their own kind of fireworks. They also make lovely (and easy) bouquets. And my delphiniums are the best they’ve ever been – tall and stately with unbelievable rich colors.

recommending the movie Mad Max. No, really – it’s amazing and not for the crazy car chases and insane action. It’s amazing because of the women characters – for their smarts and their courage and their quick thinking not for their looks or sexuality. (And yes, ok, it doesn’t hurt that Tom Hardy is in the movie too – and that his character also challenges action movie stereotypes.)

creating very little right now outside of the garden (which is creative work in it’s own right of course) Now that the amount of work needed in the garden is leveling off I’m looking to getting back to indoor creative pursuits – memory keeping, knitting, photography. Looking forward to all of it!

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