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In the midst of planning for and dreaming about my upcoming trip to Paris (just five days away now!) I suddenly realized I had yet to put together an album or print out any photos from my springtime trip to Chicago. Knowing that I would soon want to focus on my Parisian experiences motivated me to get at least some of those Chicago pictures off of my computer and out into the world before I forgot about them completely.

And it worked. When the photo book arrived yesterday I was immediately transported back to the beautiful spring weather, the hushed museums and the lively atmosphere of downtown Chicago. It also reminded me of what a great time I had had – and that’s worth the effort to print them out.

There are about a bazillion options out there for photos, at all different price points and offering a huge range of products. This book is from Artifact Uprising; I love their minimalist aesthetic, great quality and gorgeous product. I’ve also used them for previous photo books and now have a small but growing library of these little handheld treasures.

This is the smallest they offer at 5 1/2″ square. It’s perfect for Instagram photos but also works well for “regular” pictures. They have other sizes and shapes as well as prints and calendars.

However, they’ve kept their product line simplified, choosing to focus on the photograph. Thus, you’re not going to find options to print your photos on mugs, or mouse pads or some such.

Similarly, you’re not going to find a bunch of crazy fonts for your text or chaotic patterns for backgrounds or overcomplicated templates for your pages. Colors favor a neutral palette and templates are simple and work together effortlessly.

In other words, Artifact Uprising has done the work to make you a better designer.

The photographs in this book have a matte finish and, in my opinion, a slightly retro look. For memory keeping, I think they’re ideal. If you want a more “professional” looking print of your photograph you may want to investigate their larger photo books or their art prints.

Creating your photo book is super simple and lots of fun. I find that once I have an idea in mind of how I want to organize the book, I get into a kind of rhythm and things move quickly. I choose to include only minimal wording (although you can add more if you like) and grouped pictures by location.

Between groups of photos I would place one or two general Chicago pictures that didn’t fit into any other category. I made this book on my iPad, but you can also use their website on your computer or their app on your phone.

Artifact Uprising might not be the cheapest photo service (although they are competitive price-wise) but for the level of quality and customer experience they’re a bargain.

3 thoughts on “Off Your Device”

  1. Steve Hetzler says:

    Great post! And great pictures! I know you’re getting excited about your trip….. Love, Sara

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Mary Meeks says:

    Beautifully done! Looking forward to seeing pictures from Paris. Have a great time.


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