Abbesses Metro


The Abbesses Metro station is one of the most colorful and most interesting stations in Paris. The exit/entrance to the station is one of the last two original Guimard-designed Art Nouveau Metropolitan signs with a cover. It fits its Montmartre neighborhood, a area that is slightly seedy and reminiscent of past glories.

It is also one of the deepest stations and in fact most people opt to take the elevator to the surface. Michelle and I however, climbed the stairs and although I did a lot of panting and gasping and stopped several times to catch my breath, the reward was colorful and unexpected.

Now, I’d Iike you to take a moment to appreciate these pictures, whether you are deeply interested in them or not – I worked hard for them!

6 thoughts on “Abbesses Metro”

    • flowergirlknits says:

      Most of them are although I used an app on my iPad called PicTapGo on several of them to lighten them a bit.


  1. Whew, dizzying! Such great pictures. Were these with your iPad? all your pix are so great. email me to tell me about your camera, pls.


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