The Louvre

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Yes, yes, I know. To anyone who asked if I planned to go to the Louvre on this trip, I’d say no. I’ve already been twice and seen what I was most interested in. The Louvre is too big, too complicated and difficult to navigate, too crowded. And yet, yes, we went to the Louvre again.

You see, the thing is, there are so many delightful treasures to see at the Louvre it’s really hard to pass on, especially when you’re in the neighborhood and you have a museum pass that lets you skip the lines.

The giant 19th century French paintings are always impressive.

Napolean crowning Josephine at his coronation.

I love the ceilings and take a lot of pictures of them. I always wonder if anyone else notices them and who gets up there and dusts them.

Here’s a picture of a crowd of people taking photos of the most famous picture of all. The Mona Lisa is surprisingly small and slightly obscured by plexiglass. Plus you can’t get any closer than 10 feet.

We went late on Wednesday (the Louvre is open until 9:30pm on Wednesdays) and the crowds were much smaller than I’d seen before. Still a lot of people, but somewhat less claustrophobic. Still too big and too complicated, but still worth a visit.

One thought on “The Louvre”

  1. Nice post. Funny but I actually found the Mona Lisa surprisingly large compared to what I expected when I went. (After years of hearing from everyone how small it was in person! Haha)


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