Paris Walkabout: Marais and Montparnasse

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After visiting the Picasso Museum I spent some time walking and exploring. It is, after all, the best way to experience Paris.

The Marais district is known as the Jewish quarter and, for the most part, escaped the urban renewal of the 1860s that brought the distinctive Haussmann style buildings to central Paris. The streets of Marais are narrow and twisting, revealing little shops and hidden gardens at every turn. This can make finding a particular destination more of a challenge, but it also encourages a spirit of discovery (and I found the museum easily enough)

This beauty is the Square Georges Cain.

And this semi-hidden gem is Jardin de l’hotel-Donon.


Later, I took the Metro to the Bon Marche department store and after, walked back to the hotel. This is the Montparnesse area, another part of Paris that I hadn’t been to before (although the sore-thumb Montparnesse skyscraper can be seen from nearly everywhere). The rain had let up by then and I spent a little more time snapping pictures of flowers and doors and gardens (always gardens for me)

This is Square Boucicaut, next to Bon Marche.

And this is Jardin Catherine-Laboure. Despite the wet left by the recent rain, the park was lively with children playing in the puddles and adults reading on the park benches. Parisians love their parks.

Some more sights along my walk.

One thought on “Paris Walkabout: Marais and Montparnasse”

  1. We are headed there tomorrow! Thanks for the sneak preview. Can’t wait to compare notes.


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