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Here’s what I’ve been up to lately. 

Digging (literally!) lots and lots and lots of bulbs. Saturday I planted 100 tulips, 30 hyacinths and 125 daffodils. I still have 25 daffodils to plant, but they’re small ones that will be tucked into the perennial beds. This chore often seems overwhelming (especially since I tend to overbuy when I order bulbs in June) but I have never ever regretted the work and the time come spring. 

Joining the planner decorating craze. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks but I’m having fun.  It’s a bit of journaling and a bit of crafting and it makes those daily to do lists a bit more colorful. It’s also introduced me to a whole new world of art journaling and it’s given me a place to use my lovely collection of washi tape! I’ll post more soon. 

Practicing my lettering. Still loving the beauty and discipline and I’ve started using what I’ve learned to address envelopes. You’ve seen a couple examples if you follow me on Instagram (@aeh59)

Discovering that the only thing better than sliced bread is having the sliced bead delivered to your home. The local grocery store has recently begun home delivery (for free!) and it’s been revolutionary. I build my shopping list throughout the week, then set delivery for the end of the week. Avoiding the lines and crowds at the store (and having more time at home) has been wonderful. 

Refreshing the blog. You might not see it if you came here via your RSS feed but if you go to the blog you’ll see that I’ve changed the format a bit – more white space and more emphasis on photos (although the writing is still there too!) I’m still working on updating older posts, but I’m excited about the new look. 

Working on Christmas preparations. It’s only 39 days away people! I’m making lists, creating some gifts, thinking about some ways to enjoy the season while minimizing the stress that often accompanies it. 

Looking forward to my next trip, visiting family over Thanksgiving. Less than two weeks away!

Have a great week everyone!

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