Duck, North Carolina

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Here’s a holiday tip for you. Skip the Black Friday frenzy and go to the beach. Especially if you can go to a gorgeous place like this with friends and family. 

This is the beach near Duck, North Carolina on the Outer Banks on a gloriously perfect Black Friday afternoon – blue skies, warm temperatures (mid 60s) and light breezes. We didn’t go swimming – too cold for that! – but enjoyed a walk on the beach, soaking up sunshine and watching waves come and go. 

We only spent a couple of hours here and we did get in some low-key shopping very briefly, but this was probably the best antidote to the madness of the season that I can think of. 

Here’s hoping you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend filled with friends, family and lots of great food!

One thought on “Duck, North Carolina”

  1. Sheila says:

    Hi Ann! What a perfect day for a walk on the beach!
    A beautiful place to reflect and remember!


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