Sleep Tight

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Finally – finally! – the garden has been put to bed for the season. This is by far the latest I’ve ever worked to finish, but between my schedule and the weather fall chores bled into early December. 

Just two weeks ago we had seven inches of snow, unusually heavy for a first snowfall for us. It was gone within a few days and we’re now enjoying temperatures in the 50s, but the snow really threw off any attempts at final cleanup. 

Today was overcast but mild, nearly perfect weather for yard work. I ran the mower to pick up the last of the leaves (there were lots thanks to my two oak trees that hold onto their leaves as long as possible), brought in the last of containers and cleaned the gutters. I spread the chopped leaves onto the empty beds in the cutting garden, put away garden tools and called it done. Time for the garden (and gardener) to take a break. 

One happy discovery amid the physical work was finding a couple of violas, a bit battered but blooming bravely. 

Sleep tight garden. See you in the spring!

One thought on “Sleep Tight”

  1. Sheila says:

    Beautiful even as the ground “sleeps”….the promise of spring is potent!!


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