Signs of Spring

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After the relatively mild winter we just went through, I thought we might be in for an early, warm (and quick to finish) spring, but so far, spring has proceeded as usual with whiplash weather (yesterday alternated between sunny skies and pelting sleet and back again), the return of the songbirds and, at last, flowers in the garden. 

Most spring blooms are quite modest, smaller with quieter colors (except for the bold brass of daffodils). Maybe they’re all the more precious for that, the first brave flowers, reminding us that there are more colors than brown and grey. Spring, as my brother says, never comes soon enough. 

We had a hard freeze last night – I covered my magnolia tree which is still small enough to fit a sheet over, but the big trees in the neighborhood, which had been magnificent, suffered badly. Hopefully that’s winters last gasp now and spring can proceed unhindered. 

I know the blog has been pretty quiet lately, but that’s about to change.  Lots of updates coming to the garden including a new fence and I’m heading off on another trip in just a week. This time it’s Amstedam so brace yourself for lots of pictures of tulips! 

One thought on “Signs of Spring”

  1. Sheila says:

    Beautiful! Have a safe and splendid journey! Looking forward to the pictures
    of tulips in abundance!


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