Variety Show


Were you worried that I had run out of pictures of tulips? Ha! As if. 

My last day in Amsterdam was a study in contrasts as I visited a wide range of sites. A day like this reveals just a hint of the variety that helps to make up this fascinating city. Some of the highlights included the Anne Frank House, the floating flower market, the Musem of Purses and Bags, Rembrandt’s House, a local yarn shop and an English(!) tea. 

Right now I’ve got to pack and get to bed though so I’ll save more stories for after I get home. In the meantime, here are a few pictures. 



6 thoughts on “Variety Show”

  1. Sheila says:

    Hi Ann! The tulips are otherworldly beautiful, and the landscape is picturesque – postcards, certainly!
    Thanks for sharing your sightseeing adventures, safe travels as you return home!


  2. Rita Specht says:

    Your pictures are amazing! I enjoyed the galanized tub as a window box!
    Safe trip home


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