Winter Gardening

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It’s that awkward time of year when winter is still hanging about (although we’ve had a particularly wimpy winter this year) and spring isn’t quite ready to settle in. It’s too soon (and often still too uncomfortable) to be out in the garden, but that itch to dig in the dirt is becoming overwhelming. What’s a gardener to do? 


I totally painted my front door red-purple to match the begonias.

I like to take a break in the winter, taking the time to rest up, dream about next years garden and clean the house (well, clean it a bit – let’s not get crazy here). But I can’t go without growing things so I turn to what I call my Winter Garden. 


The common name for this is string-of-pearls.

It’s pretty modest actually, but it’s just enough for my space. I’m very lucky to have a heated sunroom which is situated so that it gets light literally all day. Even though it’s heated, the large windows means it stays cool, perfect for most of the plants I grow. Most of them spend the summer outdoors and seem perfectly content to snowbird in the sunroom. 

There’s nothing very exotic here – geraniums (pelargoniums), fancy leaved begonias, an agapanthus, a couple of peace lilies (which stay inside year round) and a variety of succulents. (The orchids live in the dining living rooms which also get good light and are a bit warmer). 


These are new; some are “living stones” and some are “baby toes”.

I water everyone once a week, keep an eye out for bugs and brown leaves and just enjoy the living greenery.

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