Under the Lovely London Sky

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Oh hey. Hi there. 

I’m in London this week if you’d care to follow along, arriving on Tuesday and heading home again on Monday. There is a long list of what I’d like to see and do while I’m here, but I don’t expect to check off every item – the main goal is to savor and enjoy. And if a few hundred pictures get taken along the way, well, so be it. 

Travel days are always tough and while I had a good experience with no delays and a smooth flight, it was still a long day. So the plan for Tuesday was to find the hotel (more difficult for me than you might expect!) and get to know the surrounding neighborhood. And get some sleep. 

My hotel is in Central London near Victoria station in Belgravia. If you know your London geography, you’ll recognize that this is a pretty posh area with lots of foreign embassies. Very “English” with lots of black cabs and stunning row houses and red double decker buses and  private squares. My bed and breakfast is ideally located and, for Central London, very reasonable that includes a full breakfast. My room is tucked up in the very top floor. It’s very small, but bright and clean and comfortable. And those four flights of stairs may help me burn off some of those English puddings (desserts) I’ve been enjoying!

I did a good job, and was ridiculously pleased with myself, of buying an Oyster card (prepaid Tube pass) and navigating the Underground from Heathrow to Victoria Station. I felt very accomplished. Of course, I then got completely and totally lost and wandered around in circles for a good 20 minutes. Not horrible but not fun when you’re jet lagged. 

That trauma survived, I took a long walk around Belgravia. It was damp and there was some occasional light rain, but it was lovely. 


One thought on “Under the Lovely London Sky”

  1. Carol Steckel says:

    Glad you made it without major delays and glad you are getting your bearings. We have snow here, so be glad you are out of the country! Have fun and Happy Birthday!


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