Kew Gardens

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Oh dear, I haven’t done a very good job of writing about my trip, have I? The fact of the matter is, by the time I’d get back to the hotel I was pretty knackered (tired) and overwhelmed and dire need of a shower and some quiet time. I did post to Instagram (@aeh59) every day, so you can see some pictures there. I’m on the way home now, but I’ll continue to post about my adventures for the next couple of weeks.

On my first full day in London I made the trip to Kew Gardens on the western edge of the city. This is an enormous and world-famous botanical garden filled with specimens from around the world. It includes several large glass houses, alpine, woodland and Japanese gardens and lots of green spaces. I spent a large chunk of my day here and still saw only a fraction of the garden!

A bonus was the Dale Chihuly art exhibit that was to open officially on April 13 but was already in place when I was there on the 10th. The glass pieces were a gorgeous and unexpected addition to the garde, many of them looking like giant, abstract versions of flowers and plants. I also found it interesting that most of them had a security person standing close by since many were within touching range. 

While I didn’t get to everything, I did vist the Palm House, a Victorian beauty completed in 1901, the cherry tree walk with the trees and full bloom and underplanted with tulips and wildflowers, the Temperate House with plants from around the world and the Orangery where I had lunch. A lovely trip on a beautiful, sunny day. 


One thought on “Kew Gardens”

  1. Sheila says:

    Stunning photos! The Chihuly glass is otherworldly! Glad you had such a lovely day for exploring and that we
    get to see the photos!! Safe travels!


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