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Tulip Mania

Remember how I yesterday I promised you lots of pictures of tulips? Well, here they come.     Kuekenhof Gardens is an easy day trip, taking the train from Amsterdam Centraal station to Schiphol airport where a fleet of buses whisk visitors away to the tulip […]


Museum Day

Today was filled with sunshine, brisk breezes and art ranging from the old masters through post modern. There was also a lot of walking and canal houses and, well, tulips. And photo ops.     Three of the major Amsterdam museums are conveniently clustered together in […]


Hallo from Amsterdam!

After a long day of travel I am in Amsterdam at last. It is, as expected, a city of bikes, canals and tulips. It is also very beautiful with amazing architecture, sunny skies and well, tulips.     I won’t lie; Amsterdam and I did not […]


Snowy City

Snow can be a problem – shoveling it, driving in it, walking through it. But it can also be magical, softening hard edges, muting raucous noise and awakening childlike wonder.  On Wednesday, I experienced the best kind of snowstorm – great giant flakes of snow […]


Windy City 

And she’s back! Back to blogging and back to Chicago.  Ever since I heard about a traveling exhibit of the fashions of Downton Abbey, I had hoped that it would come somewhere close to home so when it was scheduled for Chicago I began plotting. […]


Globetrotting 2015

   2015 was a spectacular travel year for me; of course, any year that includes a visit to Paris is going to be pretty awesome. Paris was the highlight, but there was lots of other awesomeness too. Here it is, by the numbers.  4 Big […]


Nous sommes parisiens*

   As the news from Paris came in yesterday, I was filled with two main thoughts – heartbreak and sadness for the victims and their families of this senseless attack on this beautiful city that so many of us love, and the realization that this […]

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Moments. They are often fleeting, a brief glimpse of something unusual or ordinary that can bring a new perspective. It can be something as simple as the chimney sweep, looking like he could have stepped out of Mary Poppins with his grey clothes and chimney […]

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Brief Looks – Paris

Back from Paris for nearly a month and I still have stories to tell! In the interest of making way for other, more current projects though, I’m going to start wrapping the trip up. Here are quick looks at what we did the last couple […]

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Cafe Love, Paris Edition

If you followed me on Instagram (aeh59) while I was in Paris, you would be excused if you thought the only thing I did was eat. Of course, I did quite a bit more than eat but it is, after all, Paris, where food is […]

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