Ann’s Best Travel Tips (So Far)

If you’re an avid traveler you’ve probably seen – and read – lots of articles about how to get the most out of your trip. They’re usually pretty similar, stuff you’ve heard over and over – pack light, watch out for pickpockets, where to buy […]

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Garden Update

While I’ve been traveling here and there, a lot has also been going on at home, specifically in my little garden so it’s time for an update.  New fence. My fence, which was in place when I bought my house, had to be at least […]


Allen Centennial Garden

This past weekend I made my annual Spring Trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit my friend Carol. I’ve been going for several years now and Carol and I have a list of favorite places – restaurants, coffee shops, plant nurseries, gardens. The list is so […]


Dank u Amsterdam

Some final bits and pieces about my trip to Amsterdam.  Hotel. I stayed at the Max Brown Hotel located in the canal district (they also have one near the major museums), a fun and somewhat funky hotel. Situated on the Herengracht canal, the Max Brown […]


City of Bikes

For those of you who have never been to Amsterdam, here’s a little exercise to help you invision the number of bikes in the city. Think about the largest gathering of bikes you’ve ever seen – maybe you’ve attended a local bike race, or watched […]


Last Day Hightlights

I am home again from my latest adventure, enjoying our spring weather and my own modest (but still beautiful) tulip display. However, Amsterdam is still on my mind and I have a few more stories to share starting with a little more about what I […]


Variety Show

Were you worried that I had run out of pictures of tulips? Ha! As if.     My last day in Amsterdam was a study in contrasts as I visited a wide range of sites. A day like this reveals just a hint of the variety […]


Tulip Mania

Remember how I yesterday I promised you lots of pictures of tulips? Well, here they come.     Kuekenhof Gardens is an easy day trip, taking the train from Amsterdam Centraal station to Schiphol airport where a fleet of buses whisk visitors away to the tulip […]


Museum Day

Today was filled with sunshine, brisk breezes and art ranging from the old masters through post modern. There was also a lot of walking and canal houses and, well, tulips. And photo ops.     Three of the major Amsterdam museums are conveniently clustered together in […]


Hallo from Amsterdam!

After a long day of travel I am in Amsterdam at last. It is, as expected, a city of bikes, canals and tulips. It is also very beautiful with amazing architecture, sunny skies and well, tulips.     I won’t lie; Amsterdam and I did not […]


Signs of Spring

After the relatively mild winter we just went through, I thought we might be in for an early, warm (and quick to finish) spring, but so far, spring has proceeded as usual with whiplash weather (yesterday alternated between sunny skies and pelting sleet and back […]

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Snowy City

Snow can be a problem – shoveling it, driving in it, walking through it. But it can also be magical, softening hard edges, muting raucous noise and awakening childlike wonder.  On Wednesday, I experienced the best kind of snowstorm – great giant flakes of snow […]