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Dank u Amsterdam

Some final bits and pieces about my trip to Amsterdam.  Hotel. I stayed at the Max Brown Hotel located in the canal district (they also have one near the major museums), a fun and somewhat funky hotel. Situated on the Herengracht canal, the Max Brown […]


City of Bikes

For those of you who have never been to Amsterdam, here’s a little exercise to help you invision the number of bikes in the city. Think about the largest gathering of bikes you’ve ever seen – maybe you’ve attended a local bike race, or watched […]


Last Day Hightlights

I am home again from my latest adventure, enjoying our spring weather and my own modest (but still beautiful) tulip display. However, Amsterdam is still on my mind and I have a few more stories to share starting with a little more about what I […]


Variety Show

Were you worried that I had run out of pictures of tulips? Ha! As if.     My last day in Amsterdam was a study in contrasts as I visited a wide range of sites. A day like this reveals just a hint of the variety […]


Museum Day

Today was filled with sunshine, brisk breezes and art ranging from the old masters through post modern. There was also a lot of walking and canal houses and, well, tulips. And photo ops.     Three of the major Amsterdam museums are conveniently clustered together in […]


Hallo from Amsterdam!

After a long day of travel I am in Amsterdam at last. It is, as expected, a city of bikes, canals and tulips. It is also very beautiful with amazing architecture, sunny skies and well, tulips.     I won’t lie; Amsterdam and I did not […]