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Last Day Hightlights

I am home again from my latest adventure, enjoying our spring weather and my own modest (but still beautiful) tulip display. However, Amsterdam is still on my mind and I have a few more stories to share starting with a little more about what I […]


Museum Day

Today was filled with sunshine, brisk breezes and art ranging from the old masters through post modern. There was also a lot of walking and canal houses and, well, tulips. And photo ops.     Three of the major Amsterdam museums are conveniently clustered together in […]


Snowy City

Snow can be a problem – shoveling it, driving in it, walking through it. But it can also be magical, softening hard edges, muting raucous noise and awakening childlike wonder.  On Wednesday, I experienced the best kind of snowstorm – great giant flakes of snow […]


Globetrotting 2015

   2015 was a spectacular travel year for me; of course, any year that includes a visit to Paris is going to be pretty awesome. Paris was the highlight, but there was lots of other awesomeness too. Here it is, by the numbers.  4 Big […]


Brief Looks – Paris

Back from Paris for nearly a month and I still have stories to tell! In the interest of making way for other, more current projects though, I’m going to start wrapping the trip up. Here are quick looks at what we did the last couple […]

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Picasso Museum

Another beautiful building, another museum. It’s Paris as usual.  This is the Picasso Museum which, after years of renovations and delays opened last summer. It is tucked away in the Marais district, an area of Paris that I hadn’t been to before. Although it was […]

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The Museum of Decorative Arts

Les Arts Decoratifs celebrates “the beautiful in the useful” with great style and makes you appreciate the objects of everyday life through the ages. This is a another museum that celebrates craftsmanship and skill. What is art and what is craft? Mostly, I think it […]

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Quai Branley

The Quai Branley, situated near the Eiffel Tower, is filled with examples of the traditional arts of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania. The craftsmanship and creativity of the various sculptures, masks, pottery, weapons and clothing is awe inspiring. The building itself is also intriguing, […]

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Jacquemart-Andre Museum

One of the smaller, lesser known museums in Paris, the Jacquemarquet Andre museum was built as a private home by a wealthy 19th century French banker Edouard Andre and his wife Nelie Jacquemart. Avid art collectors, the home and its contents were bequeathed to the […]

The Art Institue of Chicago

The Art Institue of Chicago

I don’t think there is much I can say about the Art Institute of Chicago that hasn’t been said already. Voted the number one museum in the world by Tripadvisor last year, it earns it’s accolades with an incredible, diverse collection of art and artifacts, […]